Rules and Conditions

Players must be current members of CAWA

All entrants will automatically receive 6-month CAWA membership. If the player is already a member, 6 months will be added to their memberships.

Entry into the tournament is an implied agreement to abide by these rules and conditions.

  1. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to a player.

  2. There is no analysis in the playing hall.

FIDE Rules

The competition will be run in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess, which can be found on the FIDE website here.

The Under 14 and Under 16/18 divisions must write down their moves on the scoresheets provided.


Under 14/16/18 division will be ACF classic rated.

Under 12, under 10 and under 8 divisions will be ACF quick rated.

Pairing system

All the pairings will be done with Vega software


If a player is unable to play a round (for any reason), they may request a bye from the organisers.

Such a request must be made before the start of the previous round to the round concerned (i.e. a request for a bye in round 3 must be made before the start of round 2)

If such a request is approved, a player will receive half a point (0.5) for that round with the following exceptions:

1. In the final two rounds a player shall receive no points (0) for that round

2. A player may only receive a maximum of one requested (1) half point bye.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse any request for a bye.

Forfeit time

30 minutes from the scheduled start of the round will result in forfeiture.

Mobile phone policy

We will be enforcing a strict No Mobile Phone usage during the event policy. All mobile phones and other communication devices are to be switched off in the tournament hall. This includes tablet computers, PDAs, MP3 players and any other devices that can receive external transmissions.

A breach of this rule will result in the automatic loss of the game in the case of a player (if a game is in progress), or the exclusion from the tournament hall until the start of the next round (in the case of player who has finished their game), or for the rest of the day (in the case of a spectator).

Disputes Procedures

An appeal against a decision of an Arbiter must be submitted to the Chief Arbiter before the time that the next round is paired.

The Chief Arbiter will investigate the appeal and make a ruling. This decision will be final.